The 18th year, we are always on the path. It's just like that we human are meant to feel hungry and the need to eat, toys always appear with kids in our subconscious.
Our brand logo is Okeykids, as you can see, there is a thumb up on the logo which means like, praise.
We wish for children to gain applaud and hear adults to tell them that they are wonderful, smart and that they are doing ok, to allow kids to grow in an environment with supports, approval.
All toys that you might find simple are in fact brilliant intermediary for parents to teach their kids with fun while playing.
The wooden toys are more of a companionship than just toys.
We have the advanced production equipments. We have a very skillful foreign trade team. We have a very careful Quality Control team. The Values of our enterprise is to create the Best Quality with all our hear and soul. We do wish that we could start the nice and long-term cooperation very soon.
Welcome your visit at any time!